Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"In the News" - Summary for Tues., January 20th:


I don't think that I will try and transfer everything over this morning.  There was just too much news from other folks websites.

There are a few things that I want to put on here though.

Measles are back in the news.  A man in Lane County who attended the Super Bowl has just broken out with them.  The incubation period is nine days, so who knows where this is going to lead.

On Monday, a woman who was visiting Sunriver from Washington and her friend brought some THC infused candy with them.  She ate three of them and pretty much overdosed.  Her friends were very worried and called 9-1-1.  She is okay, and her friend got fined.

This morning, I learned what happened at Juniper Swim Center in Bend on Friday.  Erik Cardone, a 29 year-old male lifeguard/water polo coach died of  "a medical emergency".  An investigation is ongoing and the detectives are awaiting the autopsy report. 

On Monday night in Klamath Falls, Zachery Craig, age 24, is suspected of murdering 49-year-old Clinton Black.  Craig was on the run, but it looks like he was arrested last night at 9:30 p.m.  Craig was cleared as a person of interest, but they had something else on him.

This is the guy that is being charged for murder of Black, Joseph E. Woodward:  

These people are missing:

I don't have a scanner report today, but I will update the police and emergency logs.

Also, I worked pretty hard on adding more links to the sidebar on this blog.  And, beginning tomorrow, I am going to add the day of the page breaks to the Facebook page so it will be easier to read it.  They will look like the little picture below:

*Bend Police Log for Jan. 18th-20th

*Deschutes County Inmate List for Jan. 21st

*Deschutes County Most Wanted for Jan.

*Klamath Online's Arrest Report for Jan. 21st

*Klamath Online Police/Fire/Ambulance Calls for Jan. 21st

*Medford Police Facebook Page/Log

*Mail Tribune Rouge Valley Crime Report


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