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"In the News" - Saturday, Jan. 10th:

Wow! There are so many new likes today! Thank you, and welcome to my friends from La Pine Neighborhood Watch and to everyone else. I wanted to let the newer folks know why I began this page in the first place.

This page is for mainly local news for So. Dechutes County and No. Klamath County. It includes occasional scanner reports, weather, local news stories, and links to other sources.

There is a lot of news action in and around La Pine. Now that I have a scanner, I realize how much news that we never hear about through traditional sources. For example, over Christmas, a house in La Pine caught fire, Gordy of Gordy's Truck Stop died, and there were some very serious accidents south of La Pine. They didn't seem to make the news, at least via Facebook news sources.

I started to wonder if I might be able to find out and pass along what I learned through a Facebook Page. It soon became difficult to reference things on here, so I made the blog to keep information organized. I am trying to do a daily summary over there.

It is just me. I am not a news station. I don't get paid. If you have stories, links, info, or enjoy listening to your scanner and want to pass things along, please post to my page or email me at

I appreciate your visits, and for being a part of this experience. We'll see what happens.

Kathy Matthews

History of La Pine and Surrounding Areas:

I was doing some searching around on the internet this morning, and came across this 33-year-old article about La Pine. The article was published in The Bend Bulletin on January 15, 1982, and prominent members of the community were interviewed about three unrelated murders, and the culture of La Pine. I found it very interesting. Here is the link to the story:
I will be posting more about the history of La Pine and surrounding areas as time goes by.

Scanner News, Police, and EMS Reports:

  • Missing Children Found Safe:

    This story has a happy ending! Close to 2:00 p.m. today I was listening to the scanner and learned that there were two children who were hiking with their mother in the Oregon Badlands Wilderness near HWY 20 outside of Bend. If I got this right, they had been hiking on the Flat Iron Trail near the Juniper Trail Loop. The kids became separated from their mom and she became alarmed and called law enforcement for help. Several units were dispatched and everybody was looking for the children. Search and Rescue was dispatched, but before they could get there the children were reunited with their mother, around 2:10. Yay and thanks to everybody for doing a great job! I put an X on the map below to give an idea where everybody was at. Here is more info about the Oregon Badlands Wilderness.

     6:36 p.m. - Somebody reported two teen boys, apparently intoxicated and riding their bikes in the dark, at Dorrence Meadow and 6th Street in La Pine. One had ridden his bike into the ditch, but was he fine when police arrived to check things out.

     6:35 p.m. - Residents of the Round-up Trailer Park in La Pine were concerned about an odd smell in the air outside, and were worried that it could have been a gas leak. Law enforcement couldn't find anything, though they did notice that the neighbors were burning their wood stove across the street, and thought that might have been the source.

Football News:

 Seattle won!  
They need to win one more game, 
and they will be in the Superbowl.
Next game and time will be announced soon. 

The Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes play tomorrow night to determine who will be the College Football National Champions.  I am a bit biased, of course but am pretty sure that the Ducks will win.  I will be posting some pictures from my friend Ray E., who is attending the game in Arlington, Texas.  Make sure to watch it at 5:30 p.m. on ESPN.

Health and Wellness:

This is an article about mystery illnesses by Sher Bailey, who was finally diagnosed correctly and is now being treated.  There are so many people out there who are misdiagnosed and who are suffering, and this is quite enlightening.  Here is the link:  Sher

Help with Affordable Housing from  Housing Works. org


Take care, and please come back by to visit soon!

Kathy Matthews


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