Friday, October 30, 2015

Public Hearing on Goal 11 Exception for Southern Deschutes County:

Goal 11 Exception Process 
for Southern Deschutes County
Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing 
in Sunriver, Oregon on October 28, 2015

Beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening, around 40 people gathered for a meeting to present, discuss and make future plans regarding the Goal 11Exception, tying the 2013 DEQ (Dept. of Environmental Quality) Steering Committee Recommendations into the Deschutes County Comprehensive Plan and the Newberry Country Plan.  ( PDF - Deschutes County Comprehensive Plan and PDF - Newberry Country Plan )

This meeting was basically about changing the rules in Southern Deschutes County so that people with smaller lots in the outlying areas of Sunriver  and La Pine could be able put small septic systems on their property along with their neighbors so that they could build on them.  Or, if their homes were already built, they could decide upon a group onsite sewer system in their neighborhoods.     

This is a “could”, and not a mandated requirement of the county.  As it is now, this option is not available, and that is what the Goal 11 Exception Rule is about; "to change an unreasonable law and to amend it to make sense today."

Here are maps and more information about the areas included in the areas included:  Goal 11 Exception Area Maps and Info.

Several agencies were represented at the meeting, including Deschutes County, Oregon’s DEQ and DLCD (Department of Land Conservation and Development).  Local residents, Deschutes County Citizen’s Action Group and other interested parties also attended.

County Administrator, Tom Anderson, and County Commissioners Al Unger, Tammy Baney and Tony DeBone.  Deschutes County Commissioner Info

Over the past three years, there have been around 50 meetings to discuss how Southern Deschutes County should properly handle their waste water in the future.  Prior to that, changes had been made so that where standard septic systems and sand-filter systems were previously approved, they were considered no longer adequate for new construction and for systems needing replacement.  ATT (Automatic Treatment Technology) systems were mandated, but recently there has been a moratorium placed on those in some areas also. 

Deschutes County Community Development inspectors determine which onsite system is required on an individual basis.  They partially determine the system type by water tables, soil samples, etc.  After that, the contractor or the homeowner installs the required system.  (Deschutes County Onsite Systems.)

The meeting opened with a general background talk by Deschutes County. Then. there were presentations by DLCD and DEQ; input from community speakers; and then a follow-up and discussion of plans for the future.

A representative from the Dept. of Land Conservation and Development gave testimony on why things should be changed.

Bob Bagget from the DEQ in Bend gave his talk, maintaining why this exception rule is recommended.  He told meeting attendees, in summary, that:

-      There is a documented health risk to clean groundwater in Southern Deschutes County;
-      The Goal 11 Exception provides solutions and is not a mandate;
-      Low interest loans will be available for those participating;
-      DEQ has met the burden of proof;
-      DEQ is working with other agencies to move things forward;
-      There is inevitable risk for groundwater contamination, but it is just not happening right now, and if we delay this now we will be sorry for it in the future.
-      There are multiple lines of evidence and that area-wide ground samples have been taken.

Speakers from the South County Community then took turns speaking.  Here are some of their concerns and questions:

-      Cheap nitrate tests were used to collect the evidence of contamination, and if the commissioners go along with the madness they will not be re-elected.

-      There has been an omission of evidence that the DCC (Deschutes County Commissioners) hasn’t never received.

-      Over the three years that it has taken to get ten recommendations, now only one is being dealt with.  Commissioners were asked to read past minutes and find out the other nine recommendations. 

-     How bad on a scale of either 1-10 or 1-100 was the pollution?

-     What is Bill Mason’s recommendation?

-    An example:  If somebody’s well casing is bad, why not make them fix it, instead of insisting that the whole town gets new wells?  The same with onsite systems and sewers.

-    Better scientific monitoring should be done.

-    This is not about nitrates and is not about the future.

-     There were objections to the “health hazard” language.

-     A tape recording from a previous meeting was given to the DCC, detailing why some of this is a bad idea.

-      The Comprehensive Plan is for the next 20 years, and we have to be very careful of the language included.  One reason for this being that it sounds like So. County water is garbage and that is the furthest thing from the truth.

-      Also, there could be misuse of the term “Sanitary District”.

-      The last three years will have just been a waste of time if this isn’t passed; after 50 meetings and 750 hours of studying data.

-      Stop putting in ATT’s and put that money toward localized small sewers.
-      One man supported the recommendation, but felt that many wouldn’t be able to afford the cost.

-      Cluster systems are a good idea in some areas.

-      We have good water and shouldn’t be telling everybody that we don’t.

-      Are we marketing on assumptions that might not happen?

So, as it turns out, some of the “health-hazard” language is necessary to provide a defensible burden of proof to get the Goal 11 Exemption passed.  The Newberry Country Plan itself would not have any of this language included, it will just say that the Goal 11 Exception is in place.  The language is being considered and worked on, however.

There are also several other recommendations to be considered:

-      Groundwater Monitoring (by DEQ and perhaps OSU Cascades)
-      Governance; Sanitary Authorities and grassroots efforts
-      Livestock Ordinance on rural residential properties
-      Groundwater Monitoring on golf courses, RV parks and mobile home parks
-      Stop the moratoriums on ATT systems and coordinate with DEQ on rules
-      See how others have done the financing and financial aide
-      Check out Alternative Green Solutions
-      The Master Plan 3.4

As the meeting ended, it was decided to keep the public record open for several weeks (people can submit emails and letters to the DCC).  There is no rush to pass the exception, though they will be working on it in a timely manner.  Another meeting will be held in South County during the next couple of months, and will most likely be held in La Pine this time.  More information can be found on the Deschutes County Website, and new links will be added to make things easier to find.

KTVZ was there and interviewed my husband, Cary Matthews, but they didn't end up using the footing in their broadcast.  Here is the link to their news story:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Taking a Break:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hi. I'm sorry, but I am going to have to stop working on my Facebook news page for awhile. I have taken only one day off since I started in early January, and I spend an average of 5 hours daily on this site. We are leaving for a two week trip on Friday, and I have so much to do to get ready. I was going to finish out this week, but on top of it all, I think that I am getting sick.

Please take care, and remember the blog that goes along with the Face book page. It has a lot of news links on it that I use to gather information.

A lot of the news that I posted for Saturday and Sunday will just be coming out today, so if you didn't get a chance to catch up yet, there is a lot there. 

I'm not tired of it, and I really enjoy working on it.  Thanks for always tuning in to see what's up.


Kathy M.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"In the News" for Tuesday, January 27, 2015:

Hello, Friends!

Thanks so much for checking in on the blog this morning.  For those of you who have stumbled on this by chance, please go to my "In the News" Facebook page for the ongoing news links that come in throughout the day.  I do not duplicate what our local news station does, but I do share Associate Press stories and stories from state and regional newspapers and t.v. stations.  My intent with this page is to inform you about news that we might not otherwise hear about.

In the short time that I have been working on this news experiment, I have noticed some patterns.  It seems like some days have more road rage and traffic situations (not weather related); that there are a LOT more stabbings or attempted stabbings than shootings, and that there are a lot of folks trying to kill themselves around here. 

I have also become aware that there are a lot of missing people from Oregon that have never been found.  These two links have me interested in learning more about that: "Go Local PDX's list of 18 Oregon people who vanished in 2014" and "Oregon's Missing Persons Blog" Facebook page.                

Luckily, Eliana Perkings (age 13) from Seattle has been found safe.  She went missing on January 20th and was gone for nearly a week.

Collin Fergeson has also been found safe!

People Want Hannah Home:

Hannah Thomas-Garner has been missing since November.  Hannah left with Sylvia Davis.  Sylvia was found in December, and was with a man who was soon arrested.  Hannah has not been heard from since. Her car was found damaged in California.  The police consider her a run-away, but her parents do not.  Here is yesterday's article about "Ashland teen's schoolmates want her back home."
Here is the link to more information about the backstory.
Also, there is a Facebook page set up: "Bring Hannah Home Soon".

These go in descending order:

Tues. Jan 27th

I haven't really been on the scanner today, but there is something scary going on for a 14-year-old at home alone who hears somebody outside and has locked herself in the bathroom with her cell. Cop car just went screaming by our house going toward Sunriver, and the dispatcher mentioned a place near Vandervert Road. I just tuned in, am trying to piece things together.  (I never did hear any more about that incident.)

8:25 p.m. - During the past 5 minutes, cops have been dispatched to Railroad Ave. in La Pine. In another story, a 42-year-old male slipped on the ice and broke his ankle.

Mon. Jan 26th

10:59 a.m. - Sunriver - South Imnaha and Whistler ... somebody stole some street signs.

10:58 a.m.- La Pine - There is an upset elderly man waiting outside of Bi Mart for a deputy. His pickup was recently impounded, and he went to Central Oregon Towing to get his tools and stuff out of it and they won't let him do that.

10:06 a.m.- OSP heading to MP 98 on HWY 138 ... "might be something up". It is an accident. Vehicle is off the road and an ambulance is on scene. Single occupant in car, and that person is injured. Ambulance is blocking the eastbound lane.

9:52 a.m. - AirLink has arrived at the Crescent Fire Dept. to pick up a patient.

9:45 a.m.- La Pine - Welch Rd. Domestic. Two females were fighting. One called the police and drove off to leave the situation and meet the cops. Male called non-emergency to give more details. Cop is with the woman now.

9:41 a.m.- A black male came into someplace with a bleeding hand, acting very strange and asking if they were taking pictures of him. I didn't catch where this was.

9:34 a.m. - Somebody needs to land their helicopter in Kl. County. They are going to meet an ambulance in Crescent.

The Sunriver Citizen Patrol are busy doing their house checks this morning

9:18 a.m.- Road Rage near Lava Butte, MP 150, northbound. A white Ford Explorer was doing severe tailgating, aggressive driving and speeding. Their target was a blue pickup.

9:05 a.m. - Suspicious Behavior - I think this is in La Pine but I didn't catch the name of the street. 3 or 4 males are walking with a small female and a pink backpack is involved.

7:48 a.m. - Madras - Re: Drive-by shooting vehicle was a 4 door white Mercedes with tinted windows. It was last seen driving towards Warm Springs. The reservation has been notified. Unknown if there were any injuries. They are not sure how many people were in the car, but a shotgun was used. I guess that they put the COCC campus on lock-down.

7:40 - Bend - There is a two-car injury accident at Ferguson and SW 15th Avenue. Cops are blocking off the scene as they wait for the medics to arrive.

7:26 a.m. - Madras - A bit out of our scanner area, but there has been a drive-by shooting, Someone in a white car did the dirty deed. It doesn't sound as if anybody was injured.

Good morning! There are problems in the neighborhood already. At 6:35 a.m., a call came in about a dispute between a male and female on Twin Drive. The female has a gun. She left for awhile and now is back, sitting in her car in front of the house. I will keep a log of scanner goings ons in the comment section below. Stay safe out there today.

DCSO Daily Complaint Log for Jan. 23rd - Jan 26th

Deshutes County Jail Current Inmate List for Jan. 28th

Deschutes County Most Wanted for January 2015

Eugene Weekly - Lane County Mugshots for Jan. 26th

Medford Mail Tribune Crime Report

Medford Police Facebook Page

It doesn't look like Klamath Online has updated it's arrest and emergency reports since Jan. 23rd.  Here is the link to their Facebook page though: Klamath Online's Facebook page.

Take care, and please stop back by to visit soon!


Kathy Matthews

Monday, January 26, 2015

"In the News" Summary for Fri., Jan. 23rd, Sat. Jan 24th - Sun. Jan 25th:

Hello Friends,

I hope that you all had a great weekend.  It is nice outside, at least in Central Oregon.  It sounds like some of you guys got a lot fog.

I am sure enjoying working on my "In the News" pages, and it is fun getting to know you readers little by little.  It has been three weeks since I started working on this, and there are now 290 likes!  I took a dip for a half-day, but the numbers are climbing again.  That makes me so happy.

One of my little slogans, "We might never learn all the details, but that doesn't mean it never happened." might sound silly, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Yesterday, as I was listening to the scanner, I came across a story already in progress.  The SWAT team was just getting to the house in La Pine where a man and a woman were hiding.  The man had been part of a drive-by shooting at a home between La Pine and Gilchrist.  Nobody was hurt in the drive-by or during the stand-off. 

The Oregon State Police promptly did a news release about the situation, and a Medford news station picked it right up and we were able to learn the details.  Here is the link to that article: - La Pine Swat Stand-off Ends in Arrest.

But, there was something else that happened in La Pine yesterday that we may never learn more about.   Just past noon on Sunday (Jan. 25th), a call came in, and the dispatcher on the scanner told about a woman who had been hurt and held at knife-point for four hours by an intoxicated male that she knew.  She escaped, went to a neighbors home and called the cops.

The guy jumped in his black Jeep and took off.  He had two large hunting knives and possibly a bow with him.  The Deschutes County Sheriff's and OSP were trying to find him.  He lives in Eugene, so they figured that he would be heading that way.  Oakridge Police were also notified.  

That is when I left my scanner and go into Bend to watch American Sniper with my husband, so I missed listening to the rest of the story unfold.  (The movie was most excellent by-the-way, and was different than I thought it was going to be.)

When I got back, one of the "In the News" readers said that the man had parked his car on her street and left.  She noticed the black Jeep and called the cops.  They came out with their K-9 dog, but there wasn't a scent to follow.  Maybe he called somebody for a ride.  

Police know who he is and where he lives, and who knows, they might have him by now.  I'm not sure that we will hear about this in the news.  I am just so glad that the woman is safe.  That was some scary stuff.

Well, that is about it for this morning.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

~ Kathy M.

Here is the scanner report for yesterday.  My scanner went on strike for Friday and Saturday.  I am going to get a new one today, and am choosing a desktop model this time.  

These go in descending order to save me some work:

Sunday, January 25, 2015:

1:08 - Kids on motorcycles are riding around in Vic Russell's gravel pit. That is actually pretty dangerous.  Sometimes people try to ride up rock piles and get buried and die that way.  Just sayin'

12:24 - La Pine - Suspect has gotten into his car and drove by the house where she is at, but doesn't know that she is there. He is probably going to Eugene and OSP has been contacted. He most likely has 2 large hunting knives and maybe a bow in the car.  He is driving a black Jeep.

12:15 p.m. - La Pine - in a neighborhood off of Findley Butte Rd., a woman has escaped being held captive for 4 hours at knife-point by an intoxicated male. The male has left on foot, probably to go to another address. They know who the guy is.

12:01 - La Pine - Cop is asking for somebody else to go with him to a house on Burgess Rd.

10:25 - Police are making arrangements to talk to a guy inside a house. I am assuming that he is a threat to himself, as his Mom is outside and is talking with him. I have missed the location, but I think this is happening in La Pine.

10:22 - I am listening, and I am reading Jim Henderson's scanner notes. There is definitely something else big going on. The first one was on Meadow Lane and it is wrapped up. This one must be the Old Mill one (disclaimer on that though). The cops now have their "Tacticle Tech" on site.   

10:12 - Bend - Meadow and Brookswood: Teenage boys are fighting. No weapons are involved. 

10:04 - The police are still working on the case below, and it sounds like there is also something else going on. On Old Mill (unless this is where the above incidence is) somebody just came out with their hands on top of their head, and cops are "clearing the residence." At 9:24 a.m., an officer said, "I will take the suspicious bread call." I wonder what that is about?

Good Morning! What a gorgeous morning it is here in La Pine. Today is a scanner day (that means that it is working). I talked Cary into a new one last night, so these reports will become more frequent. If you scroll down a few, there are some details on this morning's standoff in the Day Road area. It sounds as if things are under control now; the last that I heard they were waiting for a search warrant and one man was arrested.

Take care, and please stop back by to visit soon!
Kathy Matthews