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Have You Seen Me? Oregon's Missing: Recent and Cold Cases, Divided by Region and then Divided by County:


Bringing awareness to the magnitude of the number of Oregon's missing, and the highlighting of individual cases is something that I am interested in helping with.  

At any given time, there are around 1,000 missing people in Oregon.  That number included recent cases and cold cases both.  Several months ago, there were 160 unidentified people in the OSP morgue.  Earlier this month, they were down to 122, and the progress in bringing closure to the families is very important.

I have been tracking Oregon's missing people since March 2017. Approximately every couple of months, I print out the Oregon State Police's missing list, divide it up by counties and then share some of that info in various places. This is intended to be a resource for law enforcement, investigators, researchers and families. 

There are many quality "missing" websites and FB pages out there, and I share their info on my newspage and blog, "In the News for La Pine and Surrounding Communities"

I have created six new FB pages where I have divided things up into certain geographical areas.  I divided up the map of Oregon state into the following six areas, and then divided those areas up by counties.  I am posting the missing from each county, updating the OSP data every other month.  Info from NameUs, the John Doe Network and other sources are included in the comment section under each county.

Here are links to the Facebook Pages:

I also plan on eventually writing short articles, sharing links, posting flyers and stories about the people who have disappeared. It is so very hard for their families who don't know where their loved ones are. I hope that they realize that others haven't forgotten about them either.  

Here is a link about the point-in-time number of missing in Oregon (516) over just the past year or so, taken on May 5, 2018:

Please share your stories and contribute to these pages. If you are sharing about a new missing loved one, please provide a photo, description, contact information, which police department that you are working with, etc.  

This is a huge undertaking, and I have other obligations as well, but I will be working on getting these pages functional and completed as quickly as possible.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope this helps somebody out. 

Kathy Matthews
"In the News" News for La Pine and Surrounding Communities

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Oregon's Missing by Case: Older Cases, Newer Cases, Unidentified People and Cold Case Murders in Lane County:

Lane County (Population: 365,940) - Eugene

If it looks like I haven't gotten much filled in yet, please keep scrolling down to the older cases.  The newer cases do not have photos or pertinent details posted, unless the family is active in the search or non-profit organizations are working the case.

It is my hope that by doing this report that everybody will be found.  If your name is on here and you are okay, please contact the Oregon State Police to get your name removed from their data base.  Also, please let me know so that I can put "FOUND SAFE" after your name.  

I also hope that this will help find the identities of some of the people who are currently in the OSP morgue.

 ~ KM

These are people who have gone missing in Lane County during 2017/2018, according to the Oregon State Police website.  Some of these people may be back home by now, but I will post pictures, details and posters that I find under their names:

Aguilar, Jose Manuel              23/23

Allen, Benn Jason                  17/17 *

Ashley, Bethany Ann              17/16 *

Becknell, James Dean            21/21

Beller, Sean Ryan                  15/15 *

Benali, Edir Alain                    32/32

Bigelow, Christopher James  16/16 *

Biggs, Candon Tyler              15/15 *

Bollinger, Cayla Maykeala     24/24

Brown, Joshua Allen             14/14 *

Burden, Skylyr Tar                 24/24

Cardwell, Harvey Allan          32/32

Choutka, Richard Biewer      54/53

Coleman, Anna Lynn            15/15 *

Cross, James Wayne            42/41

Crutchfield, Jeremy Trevor   23/23

Dogali, Carrie Elizabeth       15/15 *

Eastman, Crystal Dawn        64/64

Eckert, Jasmine Jane           23/23

Edris, Jacob Logan               31/31
Jacob Edris - Lost and Found/Reveal News

Last heard from on Nov. 14, 2017 Jacob was last seen on 11/14/2017 at Walgreens on River Road in Eugene. He was wearing blue jeans, a gray sweatshirt and a black baseball cap with brown brim. He was carrying a black backpack and may be riding a gray Granite Peak bicycle.

Enright, Bryan Michael         37/36

Erb, Raymond Charles         51/51

Epsy, Miya Marie                  14/14 *

Ewing, Donna Louise           53/53

Fergason, Jessica Ann        15/15 *

Fifer, Devin Michael            16/16 *

Fittipaldi, Blake Aaron         15/15 *

Fulthorpe, Sierrah Rose      16/16 *

Gallion, Michelle Lynne       50/50

Goddard, Merlin Emery       29/29

Griffing, Robert Michael      70/70

Groat, Daniella Brionna      17/17 *

Hald, Andrew                      18/18 *

Hamilton, Dylan James       14/14 *

Hansen, Constance Kay     54/54

Harris, Mark Allen               54/54

Hart, Aaron Thomas           14/14 *

Harvey, Noah Francis         16/15 *

Hemingway, Korbin Kordell 12/12 *

Jensen, John Davies           17/17 *

Johnson, MacKenzie Corley 18/17 *

Johnston, Chad Aaron          32/32

Jones, Joshua Anthony        15/15 *

Keehner, Nina Tolson            55/55

Knight, Christina                   16/15 *

Kunkle, Shalee Ann              16/16 *

Lackey, Gabe Abraham,       17/17 *

Lekoff, Peyton James           13/13 *

Long, Michael Steven           28/28

Lortie, Craig                          62/62

Not sure this is the same person, but a RG death notice was posted on Jan. 9th, 2018 for a 62-year-old Craig Lortie:
Craig Mark Lortie, 62, of Eugene, died Jan. 4. Arrangements by Musgrove Family Mortuary in Eugene. 

 Loucks, Paul Arthur              67/67

Madubike, Tavon Tyrese      12/12 *

Mannis, Olyviah Eden          16/16 *

McDonald, Sarah Janel        17/16 *

Mcelhone, Rodney Aaron     18/18 *

McKay, Claudia Sue              63/62

McNellis, Tony Allen              41/41

Miller, Alec Luke                    49/49

Miller, Lathen Robert Zane   18/18 *

Mishler, Karl J.                      17/18 *
Karl J. Mishler ~ NamUS Page
Landlord has not seen Karl since 6-9-1998. He left the residence and did not take any belongings.

Morrison, Paula Lynn            54/53

Morrow, Jaden Rae              15/15 *

Mower, Jamiah Thomas       13/13 *

Muhs, Devin Jalynn              16/16 *

Newman, William Joseph     55/55

Oberg, Daniel Kenneth         29/29
Danny Oberg - The Vanished Podcast

Ochodnicky, Joshua Bradley 13/13 *

Ochodnicky, Nickolis Cheyenne 16/16 *

O'Conner, Arthur J.                48/47

O'hollaren Jack Charles         22/21

Ortega, Jadyn Shanti             17/17 *

Parker, Judy                           73/72 
GoFundMe Story Part #1
GoFundMe Story Part #2/UPDATE

Parrott, Brenda Lee               60/59

Quirnomorales, Edith Ruby  15/15 *

Radestam, Keith Ryan         17/17 *

Rhoads, Kathryn Ann           46/45

Rivera, Elba Sonia               69/69

Samuels Michael Dwayne   22/22

Sigler, Leonard                    60/60

Simmons, Savanah            15/15 *

Stabenow, Annika              17/17 *

Sweat, Mitchell David         46/46

Thompson, Xavier Malikjavahgh 17/17

Torres, Chastity Lynn         18/18 *

Vanderbeck, Kayce Brooke 16/16 *

Vasquez, Jaelin Rose         15/15 *

Velasquez, Francy Lizzeth 19/19 *
Francy Velasquez NamUs Page
Francy was last seen on September 24, 2014. 

Wallace, Allen Merel           52/52

Westmoreland, Walter Todd 17/17 *

Whipplejohnson, Tacoda Clarence 13/13 *

Weigand, Jack Christopher 32/32

Wilkerson, John                  18/18 *

Williams, Tylynne Albert      26/26

Wilson, Robert Ray             49/49 

Yarbrough, Autumn Lorraine 16/16 *

Missing in 2017/2018, found on sources other than OSP:

Wicks, Dennis Gene - (FB post of 4/18 ... missing since 2017):

"I will start here.. I AM ESPECIALLY REACHING OUT TO THE OAKRIDGE COMMUNITY. My uncle has been missing since last year and we are desperate to know if anyone has seen him. He is a drifter so we thought he was just out doing his thing. But he has failed to contact any family and we are now officially worried. If you have seen him please contact the number on the flier. Thank you."

* Link to the Doe Network for Missing in Oregon

FOUND SAFE!!!!  Jillian Baily ~ NCMC Poster

Noah Harvey 16/14 NamUs Page

Noah was last seen on 06/10/2016.

Missing After 2017: Age now/Age when went missing
(This list is from the Oregon State Police website.):

Caldwell, Brian Dale                  57/52
Brian D. Caldwell ~ NamUs Page
Possibly took a bus to the San Francisco area.

Carrozzo, Salvatore Richard     66/61
Salvatore R. Carrozzo ~ NamUS Page
Unknown. Salvatore was last seen at a friend's residence in the 88000 block of U.S. Hwy 101 in Florence, OR. He may have been seen on December 15, 2006 at a the Twin Lakes store nearby. His camp was located in the Sutton Lake Recreation area.

Chamberlin, Benita Gay            64/52
Benita G. Chamberlin ~ Doe Network Link

Charles, Jerome Clements        60/29
Jerome C. Charles ~ NamUS Page
Left his fathers residence on W. 3rd, stating he was going for a walk and would return in 2 hours. He has not been seen since.

Chirukandoth, Sashidharan P.   69/62
Sashidharan P. Chirukandoth (Drowning?)
Sashidharan was last seen at approximately 3:50pm in the vicinity of McKenzie River at Partridge Ln. in Eugene, OR. Sashidharan overturned in a kayak while boating on the McKenzie River.

Cotten, Thomas Eugene           61/53
Thomas Cotten ~ NamUS Page
MP last seen when dropped off on Weyerhaeuser Rd 100, with 22 rifle, 09/09/2009.

Cranford, John Burl                   64/57

John B. Cranford - Has his body been found?

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — A wallet discovered near a small pile of bones last week contained the identification of a man who was last seen a decade ago, authorities said.
Lane County sheriff's investigators declined to disclose the name on the Oregon driver's license and said they wouldn't know for certain whose remains had been found until they got a DNA match.
Detectives have yet to find relatives of the man whose name appears on the license.
"We have not officially released the name, in part because we have not been able to notify next of kin," sheriff's Lt. Randy Smith said.
Smith, however, said the identification card belonged to a person who was reported missing in Lane County in 1996.
The Cottage Grove resident who discovered the bones said the driver's license belonged to John Burl Cranford. John Perry spotted the bones while walking his dog near Highway 99.
"I just kept poking around after I saw the bones, and sure enough, there was the wallet," Perry said. "I'd walked past that area several times before and never noticed it. It couldn't have been more than about a quarter-mile from my house."
Researchers at the University of Oregon's anthropology department are reconstructing the bones.
According to the National Center for Missing Adults, Cranford was 43 when he disappeared Aug. 17, 1996. The center's Web site, which lists Cranford as an endangered missing adult, said he was last seen in Eugene.

"This guy probably has family somewhere that's been wondering for 10 years what happened to him," Perry said. "Maybe this will help them get a little closure."  Seattle Times/Associated Press

Defoe, Douglas Edward            55/43
Douglas E. Defoe ~ NamUS (partial remains have been found)
Mr. Defoe's partial remains (missing portions of both arms) were located in the Willamette river 16 miles south of Corvallis Oregon in December of 1994. DNA identification made October 2012.

Dehoop, Wendy Marie              57/45
Wendy M. Dehoop ~ NamUS
Unknown. Wendy was last seen at approximately 7:00am in the vicinity of the 1000 block of Green Acres Rd. in Eugene, OR. She was scheduled to drive to Hasley, OR but never arrived. Her vehicle described as a white two door 1990 Toyota Corolla SR5 was later located on 05/02/05 in south Eugene, OR.

Dow, Robert Steven                  60/53
Robert S. Dow ~ NamUs Page
Robert Dow left his residence in Eugene, Oregon on December 6, 2010, at about 6:30 p.m. to have a cigarette before bed. He did not return home.

Dressler, Benjamin James       60/42

Dressler, Benjamin James       18/15 (**)
Benjamin J. Dressler ~ NamUs Page
Benjamin was involved in a witnessed plane crash over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Florence, Oregon

Elkins, Kevin Daniel                 56/44
Kevin D. Elkins ~ NamUS Page
Kevin was last seen at approximately 11:00am picking up his weekly money at the bank in the vicinity of 10th and Oak St. in Eugene, OR. He has a medical condition.

Estrada-Aviles, Luis                    53/49
Luis Estrada-Aviles ~ NamUs Page
MP last seen on 09-04-2013 and was reported missing by his employer on 09-1-62013 after uncharacteristically not showing up for work.

Foster, Ian                                27/21

Fry, Donald Wayne                  52/39
Donald W. Fry ~ NamUS Page
Unknown. Donald was last seen at approximately 9:00pm on the Lookout Point Dam 22 miles SE of Eugene on OR58 in Lowell, OR. Investigation indicates that Mr. Fry is most likely in the reservoir.

Gamaperez, Daniel                 08/02 *

Gonzales, Russel Matthew      53/46
Russel M. Gonzales ~ NamUS Page
Unknown. Russell was last heard from in the Eugene, OR area. His vehicle, described as a blue 1986 VW Quantum, was later located in July 2006 on Forest Service Rd. 5847 MP 8 south of Eugene, OR. He was en route to the Coos Bay/North Bend, OR area. Russell has a medical condition.

Hatcher, Robyn Leslie             17/14 *
Robyn Hatcher ~ NCMC

Hayward, Jeremy Adam          41/22
Jeremy A. Hayward
Unknown. Jeremy was last seen at a hospital in the vicinity of 13th Ave. and Hilyard St. in Eugene, OR. He has a medical condition.

Hicks III, John Wesley             57/48
John Wesley Hicks III ~ NamUS Page
Suspicious circumstances - NOI

Hitson, Laura Lucille               58/44
Laura L. Hitson ~ NamUS Page
Laura was being transported to Sacred Heart ER when she bolted. Please note, she can be violent/aggressive without her medications.

Hollar, Vicki Lynn                     68/37
Vicki L. Hollar ~ NamUS Page
Vicki was seen entering her car at a parking lot at 8th Avenue and Washington Street at about 1700 hours. She left work at Bon Marche (now Macy's), where she had been employed as a seamstress for about two weeks. She was possibly headed home to 600 West 27th Avenue, planning to meet a friend to attend a party in the neighborhood. She had a habit of picking up hitchhikers. Her car and purse have never been recovered. Her vehicle is described as a black 1965 Volkswagen Beetle with Illinois license plate GR7738, with the running boards removed.

Housiaux, Guy Richard           53/52

Johns, Adam Daniel Charles  36/33
Adam D. Jones ~ NamUs Page
Adam Johns was last seen on 10/02/2014 near 35th and Oregon St. in Springfield, OR.

Johnson, Pamela Denise       53/50

Jones, Brian Christopher       44/39 (**)
Brian C. Jones ~ NamUs Page

Brian was climbing a mountain in Three Sisters Wilderness, when he was witnessed to fall. His body was located but rescuers were unable to recover it.

Justis, Suzanne Rae             68/39

Called her mother on 11/5/1973 from Portland, OR and said she would be back in Eugene the following day to pick up her son from school. She has not been heard from since.

Killitz, David Wayne              50/36
David W. Killitz ~ NamUS Page
Unknown. David was last seen at approximately 10:00am with an acquaintance at the base of the Springfield area cliffs off South 69th St.

Larson, John Franklin           49/45

Lazaro-Oritz, David               22/19 *
David Lazoro-Ortiz NamUs Page
David Lazaro Ortiz stopped attending university and left the area and has not been seen since.

Lee, Michael James             24/21
Michael James Lee ~ NCMC Poster

Lutz, Nicholas Robert           31/24

*Nicholas Lutz ~NamUs Page (Ocean Drowning)

*** partial remains have been recovered***** 
Did not return from a fishing trip with a friend on the Oregon coast north of Florence. MP 173 on Hwy 101. Gear found on rocks of ocean shores. Friend's body recovered from Pacific Ocean.

Magnuson, Annie Cornell     56/41
Annie C. Magnuson ~ Oregon's Missing Blog
Unknown. Anne was last seen at approximately 5:30pm in the vicinity of the 84000 block of Parkway Rd. in Pleasant Hill, OR. All personal belongings were left behind. She has a medical condition.

McClary, Eryn Beth               60/43
Eryn Beth McClary ~ NamUS Page
Eryn was dropped off at Jesco on Blair on 8-4-1995 and has not been seen since.

Meyers, Kathleen Susan      59/40
Kathleen S. Meyers ~ NamUS Page
Kathleen was last seen at her residence on 6/1/1986.

Moon, Faun Moulton            99/94
Faun M. Moon ~ NamUS Page
Distraught over her recent divorce, MP put her financial affairs in order, sent letters of good bye to her daughters, and walked away from her home and family, never to be heard of again.

Narain, Ashok Kumar          61/50
Ashok K. Narain ~ NamUS Page
This person, his wife and young daughter disappeared from Eugene, Oregon in 1987. In September 1987 the murdered bodies of his wife and daughter were found in the State of Washington.

Narain, Raj Mati                   54/24 
Raj is a female; not on OSP page but on NamUS; same last name as Ashok K. Narain
Raj M. Narain ~ NamUS Page

Nelson, Christine Ann         68/37
Christine A. Nelson ~ NamUS Page
Christine was last seen driving a 1973 Honda 500 motorcycle with Oregon plates in Eugene, OR.

Here is her profile on the Doe Network:  Please Click Here

Nordquist, Kevin Scott        50/38
Kevin S. Nordquist ~ NamUS Page
Kevin was last seen at approximately 10:00pm leaving an acquaintance's residence in the vicinity of the 32400 block of Mathew's Rd. to go to a pub on College Hill Rd. but never arrived.

Parrish, Matthew A.            39/36

Pleva, Linda Rachel           68/37
Linda R. Pleva ~ NamUS Page
Unknown. Linda went missing between April 1981 and June 1981 from Eugene, OR.

Raisor, June Olive              84/70

Redmon, Rocky Evan        29/25

Reid, Rebecca Kathleen    58/37
Rebecca K. Reid ~ NamUS Page
Suspicious circumstances: was last seen getting into a white pickup with a male and has not been seen or heard from since.

Ringo, Virginia Lee            92/67
No photo available
Virginia L. Ringo ~ NamUS Page
Left the above listed address without taking any personal items or clothing and has not been heard from since.

Ryan, Merle L.                  59/53
Merle L. Ryan ~ NamUs Page

Merle is/was a schizophrenic who bounced around numerous states and is/was often homeless. He was last known alive on 10/17/2012 when arrested in San Francisco, California at near Cesar Chavez St at a park .

Sansovich, Rhonda Gayle 56/27
Rhonda G. Sansovich ~ NamUS Page

Unknown. Rhonda was last known to be hitchhiking to California. She may have been seen in the Omaha, NE area in a black Kenworth truck.

Sells, Scott Matthew         33/20
Scott M. Sells NamUS Page:
Scott was last seen in the early morning hours at a family member's residence in the vicinity of Adams St. and 4th Ave. in Eugene, OR. He has a medical condition and needs medication.

Smith, Carl Lynn               81/77
Carl L. Smith ~ NamUs Page

Carl was last seen at his home in Springfield, Oregon on 04/26/2013. He suffers from dementia. He insisted on going for a walk and has not been seen since.

Smith, Mark Hamilton       65/62
Mark H. Smith ~ NamUS Page
MP last seen at father's house in Springfield, OR. Father Claude Robert Smith is deceased. Address 2529 Debra Drive, Springfield, OR 97477

Sparrow, Timothy James  66/41
Timothy J. Sparrow ~ NameUS
Subject was last seen at Seperation Trailhead off the Mckenzie Highway

Tomlinson, Deborah Lee  60/54

Deborah L. Tomlinson ~ NamUS Page
Debbie ran away from home on October 15, 1973 with another female teen whose identity is unknown.

Toner, Joseph Gerard      63/54
Joseph G. Toner ~ NamUS Page
Joseph's brother last heard from him in April 1997.

Wakefield, Bradley James 62/55
Bradley J. Wakefield ~ Doe Network Page

Walters, Timothy Alan       58/52
Timothy A. Walters ~ NamUS Page
MP last seen when he went to bed 9/28/2008, was missing from residence the next morning.

Winters, Robertson Chad 32/23 (**)
Robertson C. Winters ~ NamUs Page (Drowning)
Involved in a witnessed rafting accident in the Willamette River near Eugene Oregon and is presumed drowned.

Xu Daming                       74/64
Xu Daming ~ NamUS Page - Wilderness
Last seen at Olallie summit hiking.

Young, Mitchell Edward  40/28

Missing prior to 2017 and listed on sources other than OSP:

*Margaret M. Kohler ~ NamUs Page (Wilderness)
Margaret's car was located on Cummins Ridge Road Trailhead. Vehicle was unattended. Area was searched but did not locate Margaret. She had her dog Roscoe with her, he has been found and taken to animal control.

McCall walked away from her apartment carrying a suitcase and has not been seen or heard from since.

Robert Richardson ~ NamUs Page

Robert Richardson's daughter last heard from him around 6:30am on 02/14/2012, when he called her to ask that she pick up his 2003 Ford Ranger truck from the top of Gowdyville Road (approximately milepost 3) west of Cottage Grove. The vehicle was later located, unattended, near that location.

John and Jane Does for Lane County:


John Doe, Crow OR 
Unsolved Murders for Lane County, Oregon:

Do you recognize this man?  His DNA is connected to three murders in the Eugene area in the 1980's:

Gladys May Hensley (Photo via Eugene Police Department) 

 Geraldine Spencer Toohey (Photo via Eugene Police Department)

Janice Marie Dickinson (Photo via Eugene Police Department) 

Link to the RG article about this man involved in the three unsolved murders in Eugene, Click Here