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"In the News" Summary for Sat. Jan. 17th and Sun. Jan. 18th:

It has Been Two Weeks!

On Saturday, I posted the picture above to celebrate "In the News" two week anniversary.  When I began this page, I was not quite sure how it would work out. As of this morning 275 of you guys have liked it, and I wanted to tell you thanks so much.  

Okay,  now I am wondering what you guys want to see on here. I was, and am, concentrating on the very local news, the things that we in La Pine and Surrounding Areas don't always hear about.

Then I started to find some interesting stuff that wasn't really around here, but not too far away ... like the story of Leaburg Lake's power plant being fixed, with a picture of the drained lake, thank you to McKenzie River Reflections and KMTR ... click here for the news story with more photos.

At first, I didn't post about the wreck on 1-84, because I figured that lots of folks knew about it already, since it was big news. But, that post so far has had 276 views! The most ever on here for one post. Thanks to KVAL in Eugene and Facebook for making it easy to share.  Here is the updated link posted yesterday which includes a video:  "Just click here to watch it."

I am just one person here. No budget. I know that I am going to miss stuff.  I have been working hard and having fun, but if you can give me some input on what matters to you, that would be great.

Please leave a comment or email me at:

Thank you! 

Super Bowl News:

Seattle beat Green Bay 28 - 22 in overtime yesterday.

New England beat Indianapolis 45 - 7.  

But now they are under investigation for 
under-inflating the footballs.  Hmmm.

Super Bowl Sunday this year is on February 1st and the game begins at 3:30, at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.   Go, HAWKS!!

Congratulations to TurboPup!

Here is the update on La PIne's Kristina Guerrero's appearance on Shark Tank. I haven't watched this show yet, but the results were that Turbo Pup received $100K for 35% from Daymond. Congratulations! Here is the synopsis of the show with more details:. Shark Tank Blog.

*Deschutes County Sheriff's Complaint Log for Jan. 16-18th

*Deschutes County Jail Inmate List for Jan. 19th

*Klamath Online's Ambulance Reports for the Weekend

*Klamath Online Arrest Resports for Jan. 18th

*Lane County Mug Shots for Jan. 18th

I wasn't on the scanner very much this weekend.  Things were very busy though.  People were very concerned about a vehicle pulled over near the La Pine transfer station with 5 or 6 police cars on Saturday evening.  I am still trying to find out more about that.

Jim Henderson's scanner log is full of weekend information and you can go there by clicking here:  @CentralORScan

Free Grant Writing Seminar 
for Non-Profits is coming soon:

"The La Pine Resource Roundup will take place on Monday, February 9th at The La Pine Senior Center from 11:30am to 2.m at 16450 Victory Way in La Pine"  For the full article, please click here to read it in Cascade Business News.

Free Oregon Maps for Download:

One thing leads to another. 

I was trying to find out info on what happened on Saturday night on HWY 97 next to the transfer station in La Pine. There were reports of one car, with one person in it surrounded by 5 or 6 cop cars. Right after that, @CentralORScan posted that OSP's SWAT team was called out, but I was unclear of if they were going to this incident or not. 

So, anyway, I was on OSP's website, and found this old ODOT Hwy Map from 1926, and then a link to current maps all over Oregon: City, State, Highway and more. Here is the link if this is something that you are interested in. ODOT Statewide Maps. 

 If you know about the incident on Saturday night, please fill us in. Thanks!

La Pine Park Gets New Restroom:

Progress on the new restroom at the La Pine Park next to the library. Thanks to Eagle Highway Magazine ... check out their link: Eagle Higway

Take care, and please stop back by to visit soon!

Kathy Matthews  

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