Friday, January 16, 2015

"In the News" - Summary for Thursday January 15th:

"La Pine's Second Stoplight 
Coming Soon"

Here is some good news! 

They are getting ready to install a light soon at the corner of Ashton Eaton Blvd. (HWY 97) and Reed Road. (Otherwise known as the McDonalds and Taco Bell intersection). Yay, and FINALLY


La Pine: Sounds as if the cops have been busy in downtown La Pine this afternoon. An older man hit a building at the park with his vehicle. In a separate incident, somebody purposely hit a woman with their vehicle. It doesn't sound like anybody was seriously hurt. (My scanner is too full of white noise today to listen to it without going crazy, so I found that information over at CentralORScan, thank you very much.)


*Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Complaint Log for Jan. 15th

*DCSO - Deschutes County Jail Current Inmate List

*Klamath County Online Arrest Reports for Jan. 15th

*Klamath County Online's Most Wanted List for Jan. 16th

*Rouge Valley Mail Tribune Crime Reports

*Lane County Mugshots (Eugene Daily News) for Jan. 1th


Oregon Receives $22 Million 
for Conservation Efforts

Senator Ron Wyden was excited to announce that large sums of money were are being made available for conservation in our state.  This is sure to have an impact on the way that things are currently being done.  Here is where the money is going:

• The Oregon Model to Protect Sage Grouse, $9,000,000
• North Slope Ochoco Holistic Restoration Project, $5,000,000
• Klamath-Rogue Oak Woodland Health and Habitat Conservation Project, $3,000,000
• White River Irrigation Efficiency and Stream Flow Restoration Project, $2,000,000
• North Willamette Valley Upland Oak Restoration Partnership, $2,200,000
• Unlocking Carbon Markets for NIPF Landowners in the Pacific Northwest, $1,000,000

Thank you to Cascade Business News for the full article.

Diseased Duck Found to have Bird Flu

A hunter recently shot a mallard duck while hunting at Fern Ridge Resevoir in Eugene. That bird was later found to have a strain of Avian Flu.  Though that strain of flu is not contagious to humans, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has made the public aware, and stresses bleaching your hunting cleaning areas.  Here is the link to My's article.

"Weather News"

We are pretty darn close to/or live in No. Klamanth County.  If that wind gets to blowing too hard and you are on a pump, fill up those bathtubs just in case you lose power. (You can use that water to flush the toilet when the pump won't work. Just sayin'. I know that I am preaching to the choir.)

High Wind Warning and Wind Advisory in effect from 10 PM today to 10 AM Friday for northern and eastern Klamath and the majority of Lake County.

The NWS Office in Medford has issued this warning effective until 10 AM Friday. South to southwest winds of 30-40 mph with gusts to 50 mph are possible. Winds in the Warning area could gusts to as high as 70 mph. Winds will reach peak strength on Thursday night into Friday morning. The Warning area includes Highway 31 and areas north of Paisley and near Summer Lake. Areas included in the Wind Advisory are Highway 31 south of Summer Lake near Paisley. High winds will result in travel issues for high profile vehicles. Drivers are advised to be prepared for very strong cross winds and difficult driving conditions at times.



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